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02.00678 Stb grey 1.66m
Manno predicate pref x Rinova ster = Handro x Batello
Frozen semen available at HBC Stal, Boijl, 0561-421244
Frozen semen: € 550,- per 3 doses excl. extra costs and VAT.

Only available with frozen semen.


Victory’s sire Manno (by Fabricius x Zakerno) is, of course, very well known. Not only because of his own achievements, but certainly because of his offspring’s performances too.
Dam Rinova is ster and a grey daughter of the at that time super achiever Handro. As son of Waterman he decreases the influence of Renovo in Victory’s pedigree. Granddam Hinova is keur and a grey too. She is also the granddam of Rijnberg (by Fabricius), the successful harness horse of the Boelens Stables. The grey colour comes from Batello, the sire of Hinova keur.
Victory is not only the only KWPN approved grey stallion, he is also the only approved grey Manno son.

Who does not remember the fantastic greys in harness horse history: Ulex, Sneeuwkoning, Glamour and former National Champion Edelster! And in the past years the greys Oxcan and Lamour, formely in the team of the Schep Stables, were successful. It is easier to make a team with greys and therefore they are more valuable.
Using Victory gives you the opportunity to breed a grey yourself. Victory will produce grey offspring with a 50 per cent chance with black, brown and chestnut mares and with 75 per cent chance with grey mares.


Victory showed a fantastic foal collection in 2006, which enthused the spectators. The young Victory offspring showed great stature and great movements. It was a pleasure to look at these foals.
Last year Victory also produced several first premium foals of whom Cassanova, also bred by Victory’s breeder W.M. Veneklaas Slots, was qualified for the the National Foals Selection Final.
The oldest offspring of Victory is now two-years-old. One more year and we can enjoy the first group of three-year-olds!


offspring inspection: approved


Sire MANNO is, of course, very well known. Not only because of his own achievements, maar certainly because of his off spring too. He leads the breeding value sports index with 176 points.
Dam RINOVA is a grey daughter of the at that time super achiever HANDRO. As son of WATERMAN he decreases the influence of RENOVO in VICTORY’s pedigree. Granddam HINOVA is keur and a grey too. She is also the granddam of RIJNBERG (by Fabricius) the successful harness horse of the Boelens Stables.


Victory is an honest, reliable, uncomplicated stallion.
He has much willingness to work and is easy to drive.
The walk is active and is well covering.
In front of the carriage the stallion has a lot of carriage. He carries his neck well and comes well back in his front
Victory has much to very much action in his front leg and has a very long stride.
The use of his hindleg is amply sufficient. The stallion brings his leg under sufficiently, but could have some more bending and impulsion.
The stallion has much suspension.
Victory has much willingness to move.
Victory has much talent as a harness horse and gives his driver a good feeling.
In the stable and in association the stallion behaves normally.

Several scores of the performance test

action frontleg
use of hindleg
willingness to move
general picture as a harness horse


Rinova is a well developed mare with sufficient harness horse type although a bit classical.
The head is well formed.
The back of the neck has length (long head-neck connection)
The neck has length, but is somewhat little muscled and could have more carriage.
The withers is well developed.
The shoulder is rather straight, but has enough length.
The back drops a bit behind the withers. The loins are muscular and flowing.
The croup has sufficient length, the semitendinous muscle runs deep.
The front leg is hollow and has sufficient length.
The stance of the hind leg is somewhat under.
The feet are well developed. The pasterns could have a bit more length.
The leg work is hard and dry.
The walk is energetic, correct and sufficiently covering.
In trot the mare as a good carriage, the front leg has enough action and covering and a good suspension. The movement of the hind leg has enough bending and bringing under.
Height: 1.64m / Colour: grey, born black.