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Larix (keur)


93.2350 Stb russet 1.65m
Fabricius pref x Harola predicate pref = Wouter predicate x Mineraal
Frozen semen available at HBC Stal, Boijl, 0561-421244.
Frozen semen: € 550,- per 3 doses excl. extra costs and VAT.


You sometimes see these fragile mares with a somewhat quick front-leg, with not that much power in the hindquarters, not enough suspension and swing. That is a mare for Larix, because that is what this stallion can do: adding swing and carriage. He produces horses with a strong motor and an ideal character: willing to work and social. Experience it yourself, a real Larix in your stables!


Fabricius (by Renovo x Proloog), the sire of Larix, is preferent and contributed immensly to the harness breeding industry. Charm and expressive movements characterise the offspring of this fantastic sire. Harola, the dam of Larix, is a keur preferent mare and descends from Wouter (by Proloog x Hoogheid) x Mineraal (by Graaf Oregon x Oleander). In his time Wouter was the best classical harness sire.


Larix has three approved sons. Roy M and Reflex M have impressive offspring. Both already have an approved son, Wodka HBC and Whiskey HBC respectively. Larix’s son Tendens HBC impresses the public with his performance by hand and in harness.
The absolute top Larix son of 2005 was Ulysses R. This magnificent horse was bred in the USA out of Kimberley, dam of the approved stallion Perfection. Ulysses R won the harness class annually in his age group. He was sold at the auction in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, for US$ 15,900.

Last year a large amount of Larix offspring were mentioned in the competition results on all levels. Like Platoon, Radix, Raymond and Tendens HBC who all gained over 100 points. And the talented youngsters Van Bon, Vicky, Vlam and Vongsma and the show mares Sarianne and Seronica. The three-year-old Larix daughter Zabrina HBC finished third in the FSP final and a month before she was part of the team of Henk Hammers in a show.


definitely approved and declared keur

approved son: Tendens HBC

approved sons: Roy M and Reflex M

approved after inspection of three-year-old offspring and with the highest movement index of all approved stallions

KWPN (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) terminology:

Star: Horse of especially good quality
Keur: A star mare with a good performance test and good offspring
Preferent: Mares with especially good offspring
Prestatie: Mares with offspring proven very good in sport